In our series of articles on tips and tricks for better cat photography, we will discuss two very basic and simple rules that will help you create more attractive cat picture : be patient and be ready.
Both tips seem so obvious that people very often forget their importance and no longer apply them.

Lots of cat loving people, who love to take cat pictures, react to something they see, they quickly grab their camera and take a picture as fast as possible. This results very often in not so good cat photography.


Getting the perfect shot of your cat can require a lot of patience. One method could be to fire away and take plenty of shots in continuous mode and hope to get the right shot.
I have been photographing my cat for a while now, I realize that it is much better to be patient and to wait for the right moment.

In this picture I was playing peekaboo with Casper. I knew he would look around the corner so I made sure I was ready to take the peeping shot.

If your cat is too excited, if you are patient enough, he will get more relaxed and then you will have the opportunity to get the right shot.

Taking pictures of cats can be a real exercise in patience.

If you really want a captivating portrait of your cat, expect to spend some time with him.

When you sit down and point your camera at your cat, you take the picture. But when you check the picture, you found your cat looking the wrong way. That is too bad, this means your job is not finished, you are not done! So sit down, wait and do it again.

I found that waiting and anticipating my cat’s actions and then shooting in small bursts (two to three shots) is the best way to get the desired results.

because you bver know what your cat will do next you and your camera have to be ready at all times. Here I took a shot of Casper grooming his paws.

And if you don’t get the perfect shot, don’t get discouraged and try again later.


Taking compelling photographs of your furball is all about capturing the right moment: the exact moment of a specific action or specific emotion.

As a cat photographer you will have to be ready to photograph the action shots and to shoot the unexpected, in this cat photography picture Casper is playing funny with his tail in the air.

Your kitty will provide plenty of those moments, but unfortunately these ‘ideal’ moments don’t last very long so you need to be ready them.
Take the picture below for example : I know Casper will yawn almost every time when he wakes up, but it is still difficult to get the shot 100% right. The good thing is he will repeat this very often 🙂

As a cat photographer you will have to Be ready to photograph the action shots and to shoot the unexpected, here casper is catching a fly cat photography

Photographing a running or jumping cat requires different settings than a sleeping one. No matter how fast you are with the settings, the cat is always one step ahead of you — so the risk you may miss the perfect frame or moment is high.

Therefor it is needed to determine what kind of shot you are going for and set your camera settings accordingly.

Now try it and enjoy your cat and your photography !

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