5 Important Things To Consider to Write an Instagram Bio for your Cat

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Cats are popular on social media and can be Instagram celebrities too. The biography is very important to become famous on Instagram. How to write a concise and interesting bio that attracts new followers? Here is what I have learned so far!


The 201 biggest – most popular and famous – Instagram Cat accounts

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You probably know the top ten most famous cats of Instagram very well, but there are so many other big cat accounts with fantastic content on Instagram that are less known.

Many film stars, pop artist celebrities have grown a large following on Instagram. But instagram fame is now achievable for pets too. Especially cats are popular on Instagram. Some of them have even more than a million followers.


3 Worst Things You Must Avoid when making Cat Pictures

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As I am writing this blog post, my beloved cat Casper is lying next to me.
These last couple of weeks I have been sharing some easy but very important techniques on my blog that will help you to improve your cat’s pictures dramatically.

Now, I want to tell you about 3 things you must absolutely avoid at all time when making cat pictures, because they often lead to bad cat pictures. And our motto is: Every cat deserves amazing pictures!

Here are my 9 best tips to avoid blurry cat photos using your smartphone from now on explained in this blogpost article for cat lovers to become famous on Instagram with their iPhone cat pictures

9 Ultimate Tips You Need for Sharp Cat Photos with Your Smartphone

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With our modern smartphones, it has become quite easy to make clear and sharp cat pictures with your smartphone, but only if you do it the right way.
When I scroll through Instagram accounts and I look at all those cat photographs, I often see blurry images of cats and then I think by myself: it is really not that hard to do better.
If you want people to enjoy and like your cat photos, then your cat pictures really need to be clear and sharp. The clearer your photos are, the better we all can see those wonderful cat expressions.
Here are my 9 best tips to avoid blurry cat photos using your smartphone from now on.

The iPhone features allow some simple tips and tricks to improve your cat photography and pictures

7 Best IPhone Features You Should Know for Better Cat Photos

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In our series of articles on tips and tricks for better cat photography, I will discuss the most important iPhone features I believe that every cat lover with an iPhone must know the improve his or her cat photography.
Some of the 7 tips seem so obvious that people very often forget their importance and never use them.
Don’t become one of them.


7 Proven Instagram Workflow Steps for My Cat Photographs

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When you post cat pictures every day just like me, you know how important it is to have a good Instagram workflow. I have received plenty of questions lately about the pictures in my Instagram feed and more particular about my workflow before I post my cat photographs.

So I thought a little step-by-step explanation to show and explain my ultimate method would be great information to share with you. If it fits your needs, you can use the steps I take also to adapt your workflow to contribute to a more efficient and successful Instagram workflow.

15 ways how cats tell i love you different ways

15 Wonderful Ways your Cat tells You “I Love You”


Casper, our ragdoll cat is just over a year old now and we have noticed that Casper has some very specific ways to show us his love to us humans. You can easily recognise this too with your loving cat. But remember, all cats are different and they may prefer one way above the other. So it is quite normal if your cat doesn’t do show all of these behaviours.
Here are the 15 most wonderful ways (in no particular order) how our cat Casper tells us “I love you”.

Casper the ragdoll cat kitten looking towards the camera for a photography in the wilderness outdoors

How to give your indoor cat some outdoor adventures


Casper, our ragdoll kitten is an indoor cat. To us, this means that he can’t go outdoors and stroll around the neighbourhood all day on his own.
When Casper joined our family, we decided he was going to be an indoor kitty basically for two reasons : because he is a Ragdoll, which is a typical indoor cat breed, and we believe he will be much saver as an indoor cat.
Nevertheless, we don’t want to limit his life and his adventures too much either, so that is why we decided we will take him out on outdoor walks now and then. To do this, we started to teach him basically three things …


Show how much you love your cat by slow blinking – [video]

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Cats use body language instead of words to show their humans they love them.
There are many different ways how you can see that your cat loves you.
But there is one very specific way every cat owner should know how his cat tells him “I love you!” : your cat stares at you and then your cat makes a slow blink …
Jackson Galaxy, the famous cat whisperer, says : “The concept of slow blinking, closing their eyes to you in a slow way, is them letting you know that they are vulnerable to you.” You must try this …

first birthday

Happy First Birthday to our Ragdoll kitten Casper [video compilation]

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Today, 29th June 2017, Casper has become one year old. And we love to celebrate his birthday with something special.
He has grown up so fast : “365 days … don’t they go by in a blink …”.

We are so happy to have him and we can’t stop taking pictures of our lovely boy. I made a (short) compilation video of 52 pictures of your very first year. You can watch it below or directly on his Youtube channel.
In this first year we noticed also some changes …

Casper ragdoll cat getting used to wearing a harness short tutorial video

3 Easy Steps to Teach your Cat to Wear a Harness – Walking the Cat

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When I decided to teach Casper to walk outdoors on a leash, the very first thing I bought was a harness for cats.
But what did I do to get Casper used to wearing the harness? It’s quite easy actually.
Here are 3 easy steps I took before Casper got used to walking on a leash.

Casper ragdoll cat is grooming himself to sleep cat photography kitten adventures

Ragdoll Cat is Grooming himself to Sleep

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Every cat has his favourite spot for grooming and sleeping. At this moment Casper’s favourite spot is this bench near the window. When he is very tired, as in this video, it doesn’t take long for him to sleep.

In this picture I was playing peekaboo with Casper. I knew he would look around the corner so I made sure I was ready to take the peeping shot.

2 Simple Rules to improve your Cat Photography

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In our series of articles on tips and tricks for better cat photography, we will discuss two very basic and simple rules that will help you create more attractive cat picture : be patient and be ready.
Both tips seem so obvious that people very often forget their importance and no longer apply them.

Lots of cat loving people, who love to take cat pictures, react to something they see, they quickly grab their camera and take a picture as fast as possible. This results very often in not so good cat photography.

casper our ragdoll kitten teach him to shake paw, here I am shaking and holding his paw as a part of the training

How to Teach your Cat to Shake Paw – Clicker Training

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In this training session I am going to show you how I am teaching Casper our Ragdoll kitten how to shake paws.
Although shaking a paw has no real benefit, it is cute and fun for both the cat and the cat owner to do this exercise for practicing clicker training.
Every new cue your cat learns, will help to learn new future cues quicker so why not teach your cat a simple and fun thing like shake paw.
Here are the 5 simple steps I uses to teach shake paw in a couple of hours.


Eye contact is key in pet photography

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The expression of your cat’s face is often also important. With some cats, if their ears are turned backwards they look anxious or suspicious.
When your cat is looking right at you attentively and their ears are facing you, those shots look the most warm and open. When people are looking at these photographs they have the feeling the cat is looking right at them. They get the sense that the animal is making eye contact with them.

Casper ragdoll cat relaxing after a nap in his new home

Flash back cat video of Casper arriving on his first day in new home


The first day in the new home is for every cat or kitten a very tiring and scary experience. The first thing Casper did after he got out of the carrying basket was exploring his new environment, the living room.
After some play and discovery time Casper fell asleep on the couch.

We love to document Casper’s life and adventures so make short videos of Casper. This is probably one of the first videos we made of Casper.

Clicker training for cats tutorial video how to charge the clicker

Charging the clicker – Clicker Training for Cats

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Before you can do any clicker training on a cat you need to teach them what a clicker is. This process is called charging or conditioning the clicker. We are going to ‘charge the clicker’ meaning we are going to create an association between the sound of the click and food. (connecting the food to the sound of the click).
What is needed for this exercise?

Casper ragdoll cat is taking a bath very brave lovely and funny eyes tips and tricks how to give a cat bath

7 Easy Steps You need to know to give your Cat a Bath

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Cats spend a lot of their waking hours on self grooming.
This makes that giving your cat a bath is in normal circumstances not required. In case your cat becomes exceptionally sticky or smelly, a bath may become necessary.
This happened to us only once when Casper was still a kitten. Here are the 7 steps I followed to give Casper his first bath.

Casper ragdoll cat thinks he is a lion when waking up boring instead of meowing in his cat tree

Why is “Casper acting as a lion” the most popular video?

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I filmed how he yawned and stretched himself while he was up in the cat tree…
After processing the movie on my laptop, I added some extra sounds of a cat meowing in the first part and a lion roaring in the second part.
The movie ends with him looking in the camera like a real lion with savage savannah sounds in the background.
The result was a short funny video of our lovely Casper.

Casper ragdoll cat lying in bath focus sharp eyes into camera

Focus on cat’s eyes to make better cat pictures

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Eye contact is a very important concept in photography and is key for many shots in cat photography too. Your job as a photographer is being as interesting as you can be for your cat, so that you can make eye contact while taking pictures.

how to improve your cat photography get down to eye level

One Basic Rule that will Improve your Cat Pictures drastically.

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Imagine the following scene: you walk around with your camera or your smartphone and you want to take a picture of your cat, sitting in front of you on the floor.
This is what usually happens: you take the picture, standing up a few feet from your cat, from a high angle like most people do – shooting downwards. This makes your cat smaller and less interesting to look at. We all know how a cat looks like viewed from above, because that’s the way we always see him.
We can improve this picture very easily with one simple trick…

Casper the ragdoll cat lynx mitted as a junior kitten right before his new coming home, here are some tips on how to introduce kitten in his new home

How to introduce a kitten to its new home

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Bringing a ragdoll kitten home for the first time is a very exciting moment for all new owners.
The kitten however, taken away from its mother, brothers and sisters, will feel very lonely when you introduce him to its new home.
To try and relieve this complete change, it is essential that you are ready to welcome your kitten into its new environment and its new family.
In this article I will give some practical tips you can use to make your kitten feel home from the first minute.