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30 Days to Better Cat Photography

My New Easy-to-Use Downloadable E-book

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  • 11 Lessons and 30 Daily Assignments to assist you to create amazing cat pictures

Benefits of the new “Cat Photography Made Easy” guide :

  • Practical to-the-point advice, answering all your questions to get started
  • Filled with beautiful full colour example photos to demonstrate rules and tricks
  • Handy techniques & personal stories
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  • No technical photography background is required
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Who is this guide for ?

Are you one of the 200 million people in the world that own a cat? If you flip through your digital camera or your smart phone – what do you see pictures of the most? Your kids… and your cat! You like to love posting cat photographs on social media and you wonder how to take better pictures of your beloved pet, then we can help you.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a guide to help you? Well, there is: our handy guide, dedicated to the art of photographing our beloved cat friends, called “Cat Photography Made Easy”.

This comprehensive guide will give you everything you need to know about photographing your cat.

This easy-to-use guide with some basic rules, lots of tips, tricks & techniques, including lighting advice, will help you taking pictures of your cat that you’ll be proud of.