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5 Important Things you need to know when writing an Instagram bio for your cat

Instagram fame is not only a human thing, not anymore. Animals, and especially cats, are popular on social media and can be Instagram celebrities too.

First, let me tell you I started my Instagram challenge in June 2016. In order to successfully grow your cat account and to get on the path to Instagram fame, there are a few basic elements, you need to know, that contribute to a successful Instagram strategy. I consider these elements, such as posting and engagement, the use of hashtags and the composition of your BIO as important building blocks to a successful Instagram strategy.

Just in case you want to learn about my hashtag strategy, you can download this free guide where I explain what hashtags are and how I use them for optimal reach of my posts.

Now let’s talk about the BIO!

When people visit your Instagram account, the first thing they will see are:

  • your username – the name how people recognize you on Instagram.
  • the profile picture
  • your Instagram bio – a short biography of yourself
  • an internet link – to your website or somewhere else
  • your highlights button – a relatively new feature

Here you can see the actual Instagram Bio that I use for the account of Ragdoll_casper. Although you can change your Bio as often as you like, I rarely change the content very much.

One of the basic parts, but probably the most important is your bio. And that is what this article is all about.

How to write a concise and interesting bio that attracts new followers?

Here’s what I’ve learned so far.

An example of my cat bio instagram to make my kitten famous

1. The importance of the Instagram Bio

One of the first things to do, when setting up your cat Instagram account, is setting up your profile and more in particular writing your Instagram Bio.

Every new viewer that comes across your account is a potential new follower and will only spend one or two seconds to decide whether your account is interesting enough to follow.
Most people quickly check your profile picture, read your Instagram Bio and then scan a couple of the latest posts before they decide to follow or not to follow you.

We don’t have many possibilities in Instagram to tell about our cat, or ourselves, that is why the Bio is extremely important to convince viewers that our account is worth following.

Instagram allows us only 150 characters to tell our visitors who we are and what our kitty account is all about. We must use it in a smart way to attract new followers.
So we definitely don’t leave it blank because it is the first information to stimulate visitors to see more about us.

We can change the Instagram bio of our kitty account whenever we wish in order to improve the engagement on our account. This means you can try different versions until you found the most attractive one.

2. My advice on “how to write your cat Instagram bio”

Secondly, our Bio needs to briefly explain who we are, what we stand for and convey our unique personality. We need to do this in a language to convince our audience they have come to the right place.
This may be hard to do with only 150 characters available. So what do we tell and how do we tell it to make our bio stand out?

The method I used was writing down all the things I would say to someone what my Instagram is all about. The feel, the goal, my intentions,… The hard part after that is compressing all this info in elegantly phrased sentences.

I believe that the best bios are short, descriptive and visually engaging with proper spelling and grammar.

You can use emoji’s in the bio but don’t overdo it. Tell about your breed, age, life motto, a special characteristic or something your offer. Make it interesting and teasing for new viewers to read more.

Highlight what makes your cat special. Write about what sets you apart from other kitties on Instagram. What fun facts can you tell your visitors about your cat? All this information is a good way to showcase your personality.

For Casper’s account, I want to have a cat picture feed with only the most beautiful pictures of Casper’s life. This means I will only post pictures when they are almost perfect in my opinion.
My secondary goal was to help other cat loving people to create better cat pictures by easy to apply techniques.

That is why I wrote: “Daily Casper & cat lifestyle photography”.

3. Branding your cat or cat account

Next is the importance of branding. When you look at the Instagram accounts with many followers you can quickly see that all these famous Instagram cats often have something special. You can even say that very often this specialty is there way of branding themselves.

“Branding aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence amongst the other cat accounts that attracts and retains new and loyal followers.” …

Mmm … this means : don’t try and sound like someone else. Look inside yourself and realize that you have a voice and it’s worth sharing.

In order to become famous on Instagram, I do think it is important that you try to brand your cat! Realgrumpycat is associated with a specific look, so is Samhaseyebrows, who has very unique markings on his face. So we need to figure out what makes our cat special and we need to show it to the Instagram world.

Use the bio of your cat to give more background info on their life. The bio is the first thing that separates your cat from the rest of the world.

I truly believe that branding is so important, but I still haven’t figured out exactly if there is something about our kitty Casper that I can use to brand him. He does not have that rare physical characteristic I can use to brand him. I think that is why I always speak more about the brand IamCasper.com or about the cat account than Casper himself.

The Iamcasper account stands for helping people to create better cat pictures and for helping to become more successful on Instagram.

Our motto : “Every Cat Deserves Amazing Pictures”

4. Call to action

Especially important is to include in your Instagram bio also a call to action, if you want your visitors to do something after they have visited your profile. This can be visiting your website or a landing page for sharing information about products or even selling products.

I invite new visitors and followers to visit my website www.iamcasper.com to read more about my tips and techniques for cat photography. To do this I write a short, teasing and concise phrase at the end of my bio. Next I use an arrow symbol to make a visual call to click the link below the bio description.

5. Organize your bio visually

Another important information is the fact that hen you write your bio directly in the app on your mobile phone, it is impossible to and start the next phrase on a new line.
This makes your bio less structured, harder to read and visually less appealing.

That is why I advise you to use the notes app on your mobile device to structure the text of your bio with bullet points and maybe line spaces. This makes the content look clean. Write your text using the notes app app in a format you want it to look, then copy and paste it to the BIO field of your Instagram profile.

It is also wise to limit the number of lines to 5 or 6 so that your BIO doesn’t take over your profile page.
Otherwise it will push your pictures so low that visitors will have to scroll down to see the first row of photographs.
This may be certainly the case if you start using the highlights feature making the Instagram landing page (the part above your picture feed) even bigger.

When using line breaks and spacing you can break your bio into small chunks of information, highlighting the most important info about your cat, that are very easy to scan and read by new visitors.

The notes app has become a great part of my Instagram workflow.
I use the notes app for organizing my bio, organizing and pasting my hashtag groups and for structuring the captions I add to every post.

example of use of notes 5-important-things-write-Instagram-bio-cat

6. Great examples

Finally, in this section I will mention the cat accounts that are great examples of original cat account biographies.

If you have seen an cat account with a special or exceptional bio, then let me know in the comment section below.

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Don’t forget to mention that special or exceptional bio, if you have seen one. Let me know in the comment section below.

If you want to add some info to this article? Great! We’d love to hear about your experiences. Please leave a comment for all cat lovers.

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