How to teach your cat to ring the service bell with clicker training for cats - funny and famous cat videos

How to teach your Cat to ring a Service Bell

Since I saw that very famous and funny video with the two cats with the hats on, ringing the service bell for snacks, I wanted to teach the same to my cat. This is how I did it.

Is it weird to walk your cat on a leash?

When I started this endeavour, I quickly realised that teaching your cat to walk on a leash was going to take time and patience and time. Cats don’t just accept going for a walk on a leash just like that.They must be introduced gradually to the circumstances of the harness, the leash and the outside world.

first meeting between ragdoll kitten Binx and resident cat casper

Introducing Kitten Binx to New Home and First time meeting with Casper

By the end of 2017 we decided we were going to have a second ragdoll to join our family.
We had been thinking about this for a while back then. We wanted to get a little brother for Casper, to keep him company in the hours we are out to work, for playing and to get him a friend he can hang out with on the cat balcony.

Flash Back Cat Video of Casper Waking Up in his new Home

The first day in the new home is for every cat or kitten a very tiring and scary experience. The first thing Casper did after he got out of the carrying basket was exploring his new environment, the living room.
After some play and discovery time Casper fell asleep on the couch.

Adobe lightroom has become very important in my workflow lightroom-instagram-workflow-Iamcasper-cat-photography

Tutorial – How I Edit Cat Pictures For Social Media – BTS

In this behind the scenes video I will show how I edit cat pictures or cat photographs of Casper for Social Media. Lots of people tell me that they really enjoy the pictures I post of Casper our Ragdoll cat. I try to post only pictures of the highest quality on my social media channel.