Do cats like drinking fountains? Catit Flower Drinking Fountain Review

Review Video of the Catit Flower Drinking Fountain for Cats


– Assembling the different parts of the video

– Filling and putting the drinking fountain to use

Casper and Binx’s End User inspection (…)

– Disassembly and cleaning the pump system (how to take pump apart)

– Cleaning the parts of the Catit Flower drinking Fountain

– Honest Review of using it after one year : Benefits – Disadvantages

What are the reasons why a cat fountain is a good idea?

There are basically two reasons in my opinion:

Firstly, it iss commonly accepted that cats have a rather low thirst drive. And because we feed our cats very often with dry kibble food, we must be aware that our cats don’t get dehydrated. So we need to stimulate our cats to drink enough water on a daily basis to avoid urinary or kidney diseases.

Secondly, it seems that cats don’t like to drink standing water in a bowl. I experienced this every day before we had a drinking fountain when Casper jumped on the bathroom counter to drink at the faucet. Clearly cats like drinking from running or moving water.

The Catit Flower Drinking Fountain for Cats

We bought the Catit Flower drinking fountain for our two ragdolls. And we are very happy with this drinking fountain because it entices our cats to drink regularly and more.

After more than one year of using it, we would like to share our honest findings and benefits of the Catit Flower Drinking Fountain.


  • The flower fountain isn’t expensive – very budget friendly
  • Content of 3 liters (good for more than one cat)
  • Adjustable water flow, tp adapt to your cat’s preference.
  • Filter that guarantees purified water for 30 days.
  • Cute fresh looking and ergonomic design
  • No leaks, water dripping or technical issues so far (after one year)
  • Very easy in use, to clean and refill.


  • In our model it is hard to tell how much water is left
  • Although the pump is rather quiet, there is always a zooming noise (so a spot away from the living area is best). The zooming noise can be a disturbing fact

Should you get a water fountain for your cat?

Oh yes, we think so.

We have noticed that cats love drinking running water when Casper started sking to drink fom the bathroom faucet.

So if cats like to drink running water, and may have an aversion to still water found in a bowl, we thought that buying a cat fountain may be a great idea. Cats aren’t big drinkers, but they still need a proper amount of water or hydration every day.

Let us know what you think and leave a comment in the comment section below.

Where can you buy the Catit Flower Drinking Fountain?

If you are interested in buying this fountain, you can go buy the drinking fountain online via the links below. And You will support our channel while going via the affiliate links below:

ragdoll cat casper is drinking from the drinking fountain of catit

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