How to Give your Indoor Cat some Outdoor Adventures

Casper, our ragdoll kitten is an indoor cat. This means that he isn’t supposed to go outdoors and stroll around the neighbourhood all on his own.

When Casper joined our family, we decided he was going to be an indoor kitty. We made this decision basically for two reasons : because he is a Ragdoll, which is a typical indoor cat breed, and we believe he will be much saver as an indoor cat.

Three things to teach before to go outside

Nevertheless, we didn’t want to limit his adventures and his life too much either, so that is why we decided we will take him out on outdoor walks now and then. To do this, we taught him to wear a harness, to walk on a leash and to sit in a basket while we are out on a bike ride. In less than a week and with some effort, Casper got used to all three of them.

cat outdoor adventure - How to give your indoor cat some outdoor adventures tips and tricks tutorial guide to outdoor adventures cat leash harness

By now Casper has become crazy about bike rides and walking in the outdoor nature. And so have I, every time we go out, I can’t help making images and short cat videos about it. We love to share the best moments with you, our fans. We know you love cats as much as we do!

The very first thing we did was getting a harness and a leash to teach Casper to get used wearing the harness. For more details, read our blogpost How to teach your Cat to Wear a harness in 3 Easy Steps. It is really not that hard, with some effort you can teach your cat in a couple of days.

Next I took Casper for a bike ride to a calm outdoor green area. So he had to learn to sit in the basket while making the bike ride. I bought a very handy basket with some kind of a protective fence, so he can’t jump out.

Time for walking

And after arrival, it is time for walking. I must admit that some days Casper walks alongside me like a dog would, and on other days he just likes to lay down in the grass and observe the area.
So I guess it all comes down to entice him enough to walk, maybe with some treats if necessary.
Normally I don’t have treats with me, but if your cat doesn’t want to move that may come in handy.

When we are outdoors, you can see very clearly that Casper’s senses are working at full capacity: his eyes are scanning the area for movement, his ears are focused on all the different sounds surrounding him and his whiskers are facing forward in a cute manner. It is so cute and funny as you can see in the photograph below.

cat outdoor adventure - How to give your indoor cat some outdoor adventures tips and tricks tutorial guide to outdoor adventures cat leash harness

Recently, Casper was out on a new adventure. Not far from home, in a green area close to the bicycling route, Casper was playing in the grass bushes and trees. I don’t think I have ever seen him climb higher than one meter into a tree.

Watch this video about Casper as a tree climber

While playing in the grass, Casper discovers all sorts of interesting animals and bugs to chase. Sometimes he thinks he is a grasshopper himself , as you can see in this video.

We realise that there are some disadvantages to our outdoor trips and that we always have to be extra careful when we are outdoors with Casper. But we believe that these disadvantages are rather minor negative consequences compared to the pleasure we see when Casper is enjoying himself. If you want to know more about this minor consequences and how we deal with them, then continue reading our blog and signup to our newsletter.

Capturing these great outdoor adventures

Our outdoor adventures are ideal moments for me and Casper to make many stunning outdoor cat pictures. You have probably seen on our social media channels or on our website that I am very much into cat photography. Ever since Casper joined our family, I have been taking pictures of him almost every day.

For over more than one year now, I have experienced what techniques and basic rules work best to make great cat photographs. We regularly get plenty of compliments of his pictures on our Instagram account. Lots of followers are asking me how it is possible to have so many great pictures.

Usually they ask me what camera I use, because they believe it is an expensive camera that makes great pictures.
My response is always the same : It has nothing to do with the camera itself!

When applying some basic rules you can make great cat pictures with every camera.

cat outdoor adventure - How to give your indoor cat some outdoor adventures tips and tricks tutorial guide to outdoor adventures cat leash harness

If you are interested in making beautiful photographs of your cat and you want to learn these basic rules: I have a mini email cat photography course to share some great tips and techniques I apply to make beautiful cat photographs. And you can find plenty of information on my blog too.

Have you tried it yet ?

So, back to our outdoor adventures now. Have you also had some special outdoor adventures with your cat? We love to read very much about your outdoor experiences, walking your cat, your struggles, and so on.

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