How to teach your cat to ring the service bell

How to teach your cat to ring the service bell with clicker training for cats - funny and famous cat videos

Since I saw that very famous and funny video with the two cats with the hats on, ringing the service bell for snacks, I wanted to teach the same to my cat.

Our youngest Ragdoll Binx is very food-motivated so picked up the bell ringing very fast, as you can see in the video below:

My method for training Binx in ringing the Service Bell

STEP 1 – Basic Clicker Training

The first step to make is charging the clicker inside the brain of your cat. If you have no idea what I mean and how it is done – watch this video first:  charging the clicker – clicker training for cats


In the second step, I introduced the bell. And completely in line, with the shaping behaviour principle of clicker training, I clicked and rewarded in the following increments towards ringing the bell.

  1. Getting close to the bell
  2. Touching the bell with the paw
  3. Touching the top of the bell with paw
  4. Hitting the top of the bell with paw and it rings

This will take several sessions for each of these four goals. It also help to ask Binx to touch the bell with my finger touching it and/or pointing towards it.


The next step is continuing rehearsals and only reward with the best and cleanest taps with the paw on the bell. Or if he hits the bell multiple times.


This step is not really required for having fun with this, but in step four you could add a verbal command in just the same way as we do with other wanted behaviours in clicker training.

Below you can see two other Introductory videos about “teaching your cat to ring the service bell”

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to ask a question, or to ask for practical advice. Let me know in the comment section below, if this worked for you too.