Reflecting and sharing the future the Social Media Channels of IamCasper

s it possible to make our ragdoll kitten famous online or to make money with your cat

30 April 2019 – Reflecting about the future of IamCasper

I have created IamCasper more than two and a half years ago now and it has been an interesting ride.

When Casper joined our family in October 2016, we were so proud to have such a gorgeous ragdoll kitten in our home that we just wanted to share his adventures on social media with the rest of the world.

Back then, as a photographer, I was already familiar with most of the social media channels so opening accounts on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube wasn’t such a big deal. I created and set up the accounts using the brandname “IamCasper”.

Because I had also gained some experience of setting up and building several wordpress sites, it was a small step to create also a website, as a central hub, for IamCasper.

And BOEM, IamCasper was born.

Is it possible to make our ragdoll kitten famous online?

I thought: let’s experiment and see how big we can grow these channels. Let’s see if we can make Casper a little bit famous on the internet… and share his amazing fluffiness.

Making cat pictures has become almost a daily activity. And of course, who doesn’t like beautiful cat photographs? So our channels, especially Instagram and Facebook grew rather quickly in quantity of followers. The algorithms were very favourable for growing in 2016-2017.

I also tried to make interesting cat videos about Casper for our YouTube Channel on a regular basis.

I must say that creating quality content, such as beautiful pictures, a great video or an interesting blog article can take a lot of time.

And I wanted every picture to be stunningly beautiful or perfect. And that takes time too…

The amount of time I have spent, on a weekly basis, building content, varied from week to week, depending on my professional life and family activities. After almost three years, I have acquired, what I belief, an efficient workflow (using software tools and mobile apps) for every of the social media channels.

Oh yes, I have learned a lot. And I am ready to share every bit of it.

And if I look where we are now, I think it has been a very interesting and certainly a very explorative adventure.

Instagram almost 21.000 followers, Facebook over 3.700 followers and Youtube close to 1.500 Subscribers.

This is why I want to share with you

Every social media channel has its own characteristics, limitations and best practices. I had to learn and experiment to see what works best. Algorithms have changed also over time and still have a great impact on my sharing habits and strategies.

I have met so many friendly and nice people on social media over the last couple of years. Sharing our love for cats and sharing the life of our pets with others, it has become a second nature.

Very often on a daily basis too. I have got the feeling to know other online cats and to be involved in their life. Truly an amazing experience.

Although running multiple social media channels can be a lot of work sometimes, I must admit, I really love it very much.

And I believe you have to love it, to keep going with it.

But heh, that’s me. I love a challenge and I love sharing my challenges with others.

Last year, kitten Binx has joined our family. And two ragdolls are even more interesting than one. Especially to see that interaction amongst each other and to see their friendship grow. True a great subject for creating nice cat videos.

So the last twelve months I focused a little bit more on growing the YouTube channel. I am close to 200 videos now. And also our fan base keeps growing. Thank you fans!

But still, today, because of my background as a photographer, there are a lot of articles on our website about cat photography. The reason is obvious.


But I want to go further than just giving tips and tricks to take great cat pictures. I also want to share my strategies for each of the social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook and of course YouTube (people love videos).

The best practices. What works best and what doesn’t work.

And how to grow your social media channels to a large following. A large and engaging fan base.

Lots of followers, lots of attention makes your cat famous online or on the internet. And that creates opportunities.

Oh yes, … opportunities!

The last two years I have been contacted frequently with specific commercial offers or collaborations. Some of them were interesting and some were not.

Some of them I took. Others not.

Is it possible to make money with your cat?

In some cases I took the initiative to get something going and to monetize the attention we get from our social media channels.

And that is also a part of the story that I want to share with you. Is it possible to monetize the fame of your cat? Is it possible to make money with your cat and create an income stream from your social media accounts? I know you are thinking “how much then?”. I will share also that with you.

The future of IamCasper is the story of growing IamCasper into a brand that focuses on amazing cat pictures, with interesting ragdoll videos and above all explaining how I went about growing the IamCasper social media channels in what they are now today.

I believe I have interesting information to share with every cat lover that wants to know if it is possible to make your cat famous online and to make money while doing so.

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I would love to hear your thoughts about my reflection on the future of Iamcasper.

And please let me know what you are struggling with.

Maybe I can help!

Kurt, human dad of Casper and Binx.

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