The 201 biggest – most popular and famous – Instagram Cat accounts (updated)

201-most-popular-cats-accounts-instagram here is a list of how to make your cat famous online

You probably know the top ten most famous cats of Instagram very well, but there are so many other big cat accounts with fantastic content on Instagram that are less known.

Many film stars, pop artist celebrities have grown a large following on Instagram. But instagram fame is now achievable for pets too. Especially cats are popular on Instagram. Some of them have even more than a million followers.

What does it take to make your cat famous on Instagram?

For my research about what makes certain cat accounts popular on Instagram, I made a list of the Instagram cat accounts with the highest following.

I started to go through all large cat accounts on Instagram to see what exactly the best practices are to make your cat famous on Instagram.

Nala_cat is at this moment the most famous kitty of us all with 3,5 million followers. Her feed consists of funny, playful pictures and videos of Nala with her big, cute, round eyes.

It is clear that having a cute cat, great pictures and witty captions all help to grow your account. But surely there must be other reasons why certain cat accounts grow faster and are more successful than others.

I want to find out what makes a cat account successful. That is why I will study all the accounts of my list and I will test all possible strategies with Casper’s account to see what makes the biggest impact on follower’s growth.

Top 201 Cat Instagram accounts with the highest number of followers

Here are the first 30 accounts of the top 201 cat Instagram accounts with the highest number of followers at this moment. You can download the whole list via the Growth Challenge Form below.

In this list (with Ranking – Name – handle or account name (with link) – Number of followers) are excluded catteries, cat reposting accounts and cat stores.

201-most-popular-cats-accounts-instagram here is a list of how to make your cat famous online

In yellow I indicated the accounts that made a remarkable jump in number of followers compared to the previous list of 2017.

This list of most popular Instagram cat accounts will be updated on a regular basis. If you think that I missed an important cat account in my list, don’t hesitate to let me know.

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My research will cover the most popular breeds, style of IG feed, pictures and video strategies and monetising strategies by large accounts. You can easily try the different strategies that I will explain on your own cat account too and see the results.

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