Flash Back Cat Video of the first moments after Arriving in new Home

Ragdoll Casper first moments after arriving in new home:

“my humans picked me up and took me to my new home. I couldn’t help meowing the whole time we were in the car… It was my first car drive so I didn’t feel fantastic”.

“Once arrived in Lokeren, at my human’s place, I started exploring quickly… I am not shy you know. My humans made me feel at home immediately, they prepared different napping spots and cosy corners for me, I love it. In this short video you can see me getting out of the travel bag.”

Kittens are known to adapt easily to a new environment.
Just to make sure everything will go smoothly, there are quite some helpful tips that you can use.
Tips and tricks told by other cat owners that will help you to prepare your home and to make your ragdoll kitten feel comfortable when he will arrive in its new home.

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