How to Show Your Love to your Cat by Slow Blinking – video

Love blinking = slow blinking

First of all, most cat owners know that cats use body language instead of words to show their humans they love them.

There are many different ways how you can see that your cat loves you. But there is one very specific way every cat owner should know how his cat tells him “I love you!”. Your cat stares at you and then your cat makes a slow blink.

Jackson Galaxy, the famous cat whisperer, says : “The concept of slow blinking, closing their eyes to you in a slow way, is them letting you know that they are vulnerable to you.”

Before showing a slow blink in a short video, let me show it is hard to explain slow blinking with a photograph. With a picture it is difficult because a picture doesn’t show the slow moving eye lids.

Either the eyes will be closed and then it looks as if your cat is sleeping. Or the eyes will be open and then your cat is just looking. Although when your cat does a slow blink you can see a lot of tenderness on his face, as in the picture below.

slow blinking is how your cat tells you I love you cat video of showing love blinking

When your cat looks at you and slowly closes his eyes, as in the video below, he’s showing that he’s content and comfortable around you. In fact, this slow-blinking behaviour is the equivalent of the kitty kiss.

Watch Casper giving me the kitty kiss

Because I want to show to you all what slow blinking is all about, I made a short, loving video of this between me and Casper.

Now it is up to you! Practice with your cat and share some love!

When your cat is peacefully watching you, take your time to sit in front of him. Give some slow blinks, some kitty kisses and tell your cat how much you love him. Often you will notice after a while that your cat will get the message. Your cat will start blinking back to you.

Other amazing ways your cat shows his affection

Making a slow blink is one of many ways that Casper shows us his love.

That is why I recommend you read our blogpost “15 Wonderful Ways your Cat tells You I Love You” to see what other ways a cat uses to show his affection to you. Truly amazing to see all those big and little signals your cat gives you: tail signs, sound signs and so on.

Finally, I just want to let you know that I will make more videos of Casper showing his love to us, their servants You can always check out the other Casper videos on his Youtube Channel.

Have you experienced other ways how your cat shows you he loves you, prrr-please let us know in the comment section!

After all, you are the one caring for him or her so you are in a way responsible for his happiness as well.

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