Do cats like drinking fountains? Catit Flower Drinking Fountain

We bought the Catit Flower drinking fountain for our two ragdolls. And we are very happy with this drinking fountain because it entices our cats to drink regularly and more. After more than one year of using it, we would like to share our honest findings and benefits.

s it possible to make our ragdoll kitten famous online or to make money with your cat

Rethinking and sharing the future the Social Media Channels of IamCasper

I have created IamCasper more than two and a half years ago now and it has been an interesting ride.
When Casper joined our family in October 2016, we were so proud to have such a gorgeous ragdoll kitten in our home that we just wanted to share his adventures on social media with the rest of the world.

How to teach your cat to ring the service bell with clicker training for cats - funny and famous cat videos

How to teach your Cat to ring a Service Bell

Since I saw that very famous and funny video with the two cats with the hats on, ringing the service bell for snacks, I wanted to teach the same to my cat. This is how I did it.

Is it weird to walk your cat on a leash?

When I started this endeavour, I quickly realised that teaching your cat to walk on a leash was going to take time and patience and time. Cats don’t just accept going for a walk on a leash just like that.They must be introduced gradually to the circumstances of the harness, the leash and the outside world.

first meeting between ragdoll kitten Binx and resident cat casper

Introducing Kitten Binx to New Home and First time meeting with Casper

By the end of 2017 we decided we were going to have a second ragdoll to join our family.
We had been thinking about this for a while back then. We wanted to get a little brother for Casper, to keep him company in the hours we are out to work, for playing and to get him a friend he can hang out with on the cat balcony.

cat outdoor adventure - How to give your indoor cat some outdoor adventures tips and tricks tutorial guide to outdoor adventures cat leash harness

Give your Indoor Cat some outdoor Adventures

Casper, our ragdoll kitten is an indoor cat. This means that he isn’t supposed to go outdoors and stroll around the neighbourhood all on his own. When Casper joined our family, we decided he was going to be an indoor kitty. We made this decision basically for two reasons : because he is a Ragdoll, which is a typical indoor cat breed, and we believe he will be much saver as an indoor cat.
Three things to teach before to go outside…

slow blinking is how your cat tells you I love you cat video of showing love blinking

How to show your Love to your Cat by Slow Blinking – Video

Slow blinking is love Blinking. How to show your love to your cat by slow blinking in this cat video. There are many different ways how you can see that your cat loves you. But there is one very specific way every cat owner should know how his cat tells him “I love you!”. Your cat stares and then he makes a slow blink.

What makes this Cat Video Casper is a Lion so Popular?

A couple of weeks ago, I was filming Casper sitting in his cat tree. At that time he just had a fantastic afternoon nap, and he was waking up.What makes this cat video so popular? This movie was with more than 40k views in a couple of weeks on Facebook so far. The video is also available IamCasper Youtube Channel.

Flash Back Cat Video of the first moments after Arriving in new Home

Short cat video of the very first moments of casper our Ragdoll kitten after he arrived with us in his new home. You can see his reaction the moment he comes out of the carrier. Such a young cute and funny brave kitten. It is always a shock for these kittens so we need to take some measures to make them feel at home.

Flash Back Cat Video of Casper Waking Up in his new Home

The first day in the new home is for every cat or kitten a very tiring and scary experience. The first thing Casper did after he got out of the carrying basket was exploring his new environment, the living room.
After some play and discovery time Casper fell asleep on the couch.