201-most-popular-cats-accounts-instagram here is a list of how to make your cat famous online

The 201 biggest – most popular and famous – Instagram Cat accounts (Updated)

What does it take to make your cat famous on Instagram? For my research about what makes certain cat accounts popular on Instagram, I made a list of the Instagram cat accounts with the highest following. I started to go through all large cat accounts on Instagram to see what exactly the best practices are to make your cat famous on Instagram.

Tap on iPhone screen to focus on a spot in the picture 7 best Iphone features you need to know to make great cat pictures-tap3

7 Best IPhone Features You need to Know for Better Cat Photos

In our series of articles on tips and tricks for better cat photography, I will discuss the most important features I believe that every cat lover with an iPhone must know the improve his or her cat photography.
Some of the 7 tips seem so obvious that people very often forget their importance and never use them. Don’t become one of them.

Casper ragdoll cat relaxing on stairs picture used as Instagram Workflow guide with 7 proven steps for cat photography

7 Proven Instagram Workflow Steps for My Cat Photography

When you post cat pictures every day just like me, you know how important it is to have a good Instagram workflow. I have received plenty of questions lately about the pictures in my Instagram feed and more particular about my workflow before I post my cat photographs.
So I thought a little step-by-step explanation to show and explain my ultimate method would be great information to share with you. If it fits your needs, you can use the steps I take also to adapt your workflow to contribute to a more efficient and successful Instagram workflow.

Casper ragdoll on cat picture sharp cat photos with smartphone iPhone

9 Ultimate Tips for Sharp Cat Photos with your Smartphone

With our modern smartphones, it has become quite easy to make clear and sharp cat pictures, but only if you do it the right way.
When I scroll through Instagram accounts and I look at all those cat photographs, I often see blurry images of cats and then I think by myself: it is really not that hard to do better.
If you want people to enjoy and like your cat photos, then your cat pictures really need to be clear and sharp. The clearer your photos are, the better we all can see those wonderful cat expressions.

3 Worst Mistakes You Must Avoid When taking Cat Pictures

These last couple of weeks I have been sharing some easy but very important techniques on my blog that will help you to improve your cat’s pictures dramatically. Now, I want to tell you about 3 things you must absolutely avoid at all time when making cat pictures, because they often lead to bad cat pictures.

Casper our ragdoll cat licking his paws Beautiful 💙💙 love this picture ready to have a sharp picture of his licking tongue -iamcasper-simple-rule-cat-photography-Be-patient

2 Simple Rules to Improve your Cat Photography

In our series of articles on tips and tricks for better cat photography, we will discuss two very basic and simple rules that will help you create more attractive cat picture : be patient and be ready.
Both tips seem so obvious that people very often forget their importance and no longer apply them.
Lots of cat loving people, who love to take cat pictures, react to something they see, they quickly grab their camera and take a picture as fast as possible. This results very often in not so good cat photography.

5 Important Things To Consider to Write an Instagram Bio for Your Cat

One of the first things to do, when setting up your cat Instagram account, is setting up your profile and more in particular writing your Instagram Bio. Every new viewer that comes across your account is a potential new follower and will only spend one or two seconds to decide whether your account is interesting enough to follow. Most people quickly check your profile picture, read your Bio and then scan a couple of the latest posts before they decide to follow or not to follow you.

Casper our ragdoll kitten following us around the house. This way he tells us how much he loves us

15 Wonderful Ways how your Cat says I Love You

Casper, our ragdoll cat is just over a year old now and we have noticed that Casper has some very specific ways to show us his love to us humans. Here are the 15 most wonderful ways (in no particular order) how our cat Casper tells us “I love you”. You can easily recognise this too with your loving cat.